Newly and completely restored pair of Mc40 Mcintosh tube power amps – one-year-warranty


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Pair of McIntosh MC40 mono power tube amplifiers (aka mono blocks)

Entirely restored and rebuilt inside and outside.


Original chassis stripped, re-chromed, and re-printed.

Transformers painted, re-stickered

Bottom covers powder coated

New RCA jacks

New speaker barrier strips

Electronics:  all old components replaced for lasting, reliable operation with:

– Mix of carbon comp, film, and wire wound resistors

– Nichicon audio grade and Authenticap electrolytics,

– Mix of paper in oil silver mica, polystyrene, and mylar coupling and bypass capacitors

– Four Sprague 160P mylar axials measured excellent and were kept in (contrary to lore, they are not all good.  Testing at nominal voltage (not with a hand held 9 volt job) show leakage in the majority of the ones I have tested.  not these…

Tubes are both tested and listened to.   

Two Amperex Bugle Boy plant Holland 12AX7

Two RCA 5963 (12AU7 military grade variant)

Two GE 12BH7

Two Sylvania 12AX7

Power tubes – a tested &  matched-for-current-draw-by-pair quad of vintage made in the USA RCA 6L6GC (shown in front of amp in one or two pictures) and extra set of tubes –  matched-by-pair quad of Sovtek 6L6GC (shows on amps in listing)

US shipping = flat $100 via fedex ground insured

International – non US = email for quote or look upon, 50 Lbs to your country.  Several options for each destination.

For your and our security, Paypal payment only.


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